Monday, March 28, 2011

Billy Goats and Super Heroes

On St. Patrick's Day Ben's Kindergarten class put on the play, "Three Nanny Goats Gruff." They did such a cute job. There were little lines here and there, and a lot of songs. I was so impressed at how the kids had all the words memorized and they were singing out. Ben played the part of Billy Goat (one of the nanny goat's sisters). He was so cute. I even remembered my camera, but when I went to turn it on I noticed that the memory card wasn't in there. At least I had my phone....

Megan went to a regional conference for her preschool last week. The theme was super heroes. Megan went dressed as Bat Girl. She has got to be the cutest Bat Girl I have ever seen. She talked about how much fun she had: super hero snacks, super hero craft, super hero playtime, etc. And they even got a little goody bag at the end with treats and a Super Hero DVD. Fun.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Saturday in the Park

The weekend was beautiful!! Sunny and warm and perfect. We decided to hit the town. Sean took Caelan and Ben to see Tron: Legacy. One of his good friends worked on the movie. They enjoyed it. I dropped them off and took Megan and Nathan to Borders (for kids story time) and then we stopped at the 2-story Barnes and Noble at the mall. We perused the kids section, read books on benches, and then played with the train set. The kids also thoroughly enjoyed going up and down the escalator. We met back up with the other half and headed to the Aquarium (we have season passes). Then we took the train to the zoo and back again. We were going to spend some time at the zoo, but that place was a MAD HOUSE (I guess it's Spring). The Aquarium was just right. We stopped at Sadie's (a New Mexican restaurant - that's what they are all called around here) and got some food and then headed home. It was good, but we have yet to find a really "bangarang" Mexican place around here. We'll keep looking. Good day.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

Last week was "Dr. Seuss" week at Megan's preschool. Every day they got to wear something a little crazy. Tuesday was crazy hair day. Megan wasn't so sure she wanted me to do anything crazy to her hair, but I told her it would be fun. When I finished and she looked in the mirror she approved (I probably couldn't have gotten away with hair sticking up all over the place though). She loved Thursday when she got to wear her pajamas to school. And they even had green eggs and ham for snack on that day.

Oh, and here's a funny "Meganism" that I heard today: She was asking me for a bag to put her raisins in. I told her she could get a little handful. She said, "Mom, if don't give me a bag them I'm going to eat all of the raisins. Do you want a fat girl in this house?" What a silly nut!

Daddy Daughter Dance

Sean took Caelan to their first Daddy Daughter Dance at school. I made Caelan a little flower corsage and Sean a boutineer. They went out to dinner before the dance (to Pizza barn here in town). Sean let Caelan choose the place. Then to the dance they went. Sean said there were a lot of little girls dancing in the middle(and lots of dads sitting on the sides...HE HE HE). They served root beer floats, and all of the girls got a little candy bag. They had a fun time (just the two of them together).