Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm Thankful For:
1) The BEST husband ever who is not only a great husband and father, but also my very best friend!!
2) 4 FANSTASTIC kids (Caelan (a genuinely "good" girl and a real blessing as the oldest), Ben (the fun-loving, self-entertained, tender boy), Megan (the animated, energetic, full of personality girl), and Nathan (our smiley, noisy, chubby, irresistible little dude)) - I LOVE THEM TO PIECES!
3) My dad and Andrea and the rest of the fam in Murrieta who so graciously let an extra 6 people crash with them for the past 5 months - we cannot express the gratitude.
4) A huge and wonderful family: The Sorensens, the Taylors, the Dicks, The Grants, the Andersons (I couldn't ask for better)
5) Two (now working) cars that fit all members of our family
6) A home that we have been able to keep and rent out (even though we had to move away) - what a blessing.
7) My ability to see, hear, feel, smell and taste
8) My home in the United States of America - even with its current struggles it is still the land of the free and the home of the brave (and I feel very lucky that I was born here)
9) My talents, and even though I may not be an "expert" at anything, I feel like I can do quite a few different things pretty well
10) Beautiful scenery in this world: mountains, oceans, forests, even desert landscapes
11) The gospel of Jesus Christ, a living prophet, the scriptures, the temples and the covenants we make there, the programs of the church that help to teach us and our children, ward families and so much more.
12) The knowledge of the Plan of Salvation: that I will be able to see dear loved ones that have past on again someday, and that I will be able to be with my family for eternity
13) Delicious food (especially fresh fruit and ice cream)
14) Education: both the education my kids are able to receive (that so many other countries don't have) and also for the education Sean and I have received that enable us to supplement and challenge our kids even more
15) Good health
16) A happy childhood
17) Family vacations
18) Little things like air conditioners, heaters, toilet paper, feminine products, soap, vacuum cleaners, blenders, microwaves, binkies, strollers etc, etc that make life just a little easier
19) Technology and the ability to stay connected with so many friends and family members that I otherwise wouldn't keep as in touch with
20) The seasons: I love them all in their time throughout the year
21) Good music and books and movies
22) Our big, huge bed (even though it is a pain to move) - it makes for a great nights sleep
23) Holidays and decorating for them
24) My ability to walk and run and hike and climb
25) Dear friends
26) Sean's new job and that he is enjoying it
27) A loving Heavenly Father who hears and answers prayers
28) Libraries (a free place to get books - who thought of that?? GENIUS)
29) Hair (I like my own hair and I also quite enjoy my girls' hair and doing it every day)
30) The Savior, Jesus Christ, who makes all these other great blessings possible!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mega Moo is 3 Years Old

Megan had her third birthday on Friday. She got two fun days of celebrating. Friday night was a high school choir fund raiser at Bob's Murrieta Pizza, so we supported that and then went home for cake and ice cream. Megan got some flip flops this summer that she calls "blip blops," so I made her a "blip blop" cake for her birthday. On Saturday we took a trip to the San Diego Zoo with Grandpa and Grandma Sorensen(and even though Megan had turned three and therefore was now should have cost $26 to get in the attendant taking the tickets just let her in for free because it was only "a day" - so nice). The kids all got their faces painted (which they thought was pretty great) and we enjoyed all the animals (there was a lot of activity this time - most of the animals were awake and moving around). We went out to dinner on the way home where they brought Megan a little dish of ice cream for celebrating her birthday. She was pretty excited about "two birthday cakes." Funny girl.

Some fun things about Megan at three years old:
* She is a very independent spirit
* She is tough, but also very much a girl
* She loves to play with baby dolls, her little pony with a binkie, little character hand toys and almost anything else if the bigger kids are doing it
* She loves the bath, but doesn't care for swimming too much
* She wants to get herself dressed everyday, and puts her clothes on backwards almost EVERY time
* She loves salad (isn't that so weird for a kid?)
* She will go up to any person that is eating and sweetly get herself some of their grub (even is she just ate a huge meal) - it's just what she does.
* She likes to make up songs in the car, around the house, taking walks, etc.
* She can throw the fit of ALL time if she decides to
* She has the most expressive face - you never wonder what Megan thinks about something
* She likes to test her brother and sister (taking things from them and running away - oh goodness)
* She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES getting her finger and toe nails painted.
* She is totally and completely adorable....and she knows it and uses it (HE HE HE - we're in trouble).
* Life in the Dick home just wouldn't be as great without our Mega Moo. We love you tons!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Walking Boy

Little Chub took his first steps about a week and a half ago (13 months old). This week he has started letting go of things and going on his own. He can still only take a few steps at a time (I think 5 has been his record), but he's getting better and better. Too cute!
And here are a couple other pictures that are just too delicious to resist.

Happy Halloween

You know how once you get too old to Trick or Treat, then you live through the little kids for your candy fix (younger brothers and sisters, neices and nephews and then your own kids). It used to be okay... just a couple of pieces here and there because really my kids were too young to Trick or Treat long enough to have a big stash. Well, this year I'm in trouble. Three kids, two different parties = 3 full bags of candy. YIKES! I'm trying to discipline myself, and I only eat a piece when I let the kids have one or two (maybe twice a day), but still - we've got to get rid of this stuff!