Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Chub

Nathan turned one year old last Friday. I can't believe it's been a year already. We made a "dinosaur land cake" for him (Ben's idea), and he LOVED it. Here are some fun facts about our one year old little man:
*He is a good screamer (loves to scream at us when he wants something)
*He makes the cutest little squealing noises and also likes the sound it makes when he takes loud breaths in
*He is a good sleeper: 12 hours at night (7 to 7) and two naps during the day (about 3 hours total)
*He is crawling all over the place
*He loves to climb up the stairs and then look at us from the top and smile
*He can stand by himself for short periods of time and likes to walk along things
*He loves his baby cereal and almost all vegetables, most fruits, yogurt, sweet things, ice, oatmeal, crackers, soups, etc...but NOT cheese
*He will scrunch up his face and nose and breathe in and out with his nose (hilarious to watch)
*He loves the bath and splashing all over in it
*He does not love getting dressed...EVER (he cries almost every morning while we dress him)
*He has three bottom teeth and his two top front teeth trying to pop through
*He likes to bob his head up and down when there is good be-bop music on
*He goes by the nicknames, "Chub," "Chubby," "Chibby Chap," and "Nathy Pants"
*He is currently 23 lbs and 29 1/2 inches long

We love you Chub! Happy Birthday

Goodbye to Old Faithful

Once upon a time there was a car. There was also a boy. The boy loved the car and bought it from a friend (for a real steal - $350). The car was old (1962) but filled with personality. One day the boy met a girl and they struck up a conversation about the car. The boy married that girl. They drove that car all around the streets of their college town. A couple of years later they had a baby girl. They drove her home from the hospital in their old car. It went with them as they moved around within 4 states and as they added three more kids to the family. They had other cars during that time (lots of other cars, actually), but their '62 Ford was their old faithful, always there when the other cars broke down. Years passed and the boy and girl decided that is was time for the old car to find a new home. So, with sadness they passed their old faithful onto new owners to make great memories of their own.

Goodbye Ford Galaxie - you've been GREAT! We'll miss you.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Love This Place

So this week is what our Stake calls "Offering in Righteousness Week." It is a week in which we are all encouraged to consider what would be a "sacrifice" for our individual families and then spend that amount of time in the temple (a whole day if we can). So, yesterday we spent the day at the San Diego Temple (9 and a half hours)...and it was WONDERFUL! My teenage brothers and sisters were kind enough to watch all my kiddos for the day (they rock). It was a great day of service and worship in the temple. I went yesterday with some things on my mind and a prayer in my heart over certain things, and I just felt such a peace. I am so thankful to have temples on the earth today, a place where we can go and really feel the Spirit of the Lord. Also Sean had an interview with a member of the Temple presidency and both he and my dad were set apart as ordinance workers (they will serve every Thursday morning). Sean and I did that back when we were first married for a year. We went to the Provo temple every Saturday night. It was definitely one of the best memories/experiences of our early married years.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Caelan lost her first tooth. She went to the dentist while we were in Arizona, and the one of the bottom middle teeth were loose. She wiggled it and wiggled in and within a couple of weeks that little baby came out. It actually came out while she was in the bathroom at school. She came home with a little baggy with her tooth inside (and what a tiny tooth it was). She was very excited to put it under her pillow, and was very aware that the Tooth Fairy would leave her some money. Some girl at her school told her she would probably get $5 or $10 (I told her that it probably wouldn't be that much, but it would be something). The next morning she found two silver dollars under her pillow.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Go Cougars!

BYU vs Oklahoma
#20 ranked vs #3 ranked

Final Score
BYU 14 - Oklahoma 13

(Yep, that's my school)