Friday, February 28, 2014

Family Hiking

The weather has been beautiful lately. Actually this winter has been so mild (too mild, in fact...we need some snow!). Well, we had nothing going on one Saturday, so we decided to go hiking up off South 14. There are all sorts of great trails for both hiking and bike riding. We did a little 2+ mile hike. We did some geocaching on the trail as well. The kids hiked like champions. They loved the breaks when we were looking for a treasure and they could hike up on the rocks on the side of the trail. The boys found their special walking sticks and wanted to bring them home with us. Afterwards we went down into town for some dinner (despite our sweaty, dirty appearance).

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Life as of late...

We got the kids signed up for the 4-H club here in town. They meet at the church once a month. We've been learning all about how 4-H works (tons of stuff I don't get yet), and the kids have enjoyed going to the meetings. This month they learned how to plant corn (tips and tricks) and then they made corn husk dolls. Megan is even a part of the club - she is a Cloverbud (the younger group). She traced her body this week and colored it in.
Sis. Mateski is the new Cubmaster in our ward. She is awesome! She makes the Pack Meetings so fun for the boys. This month they had a little getting-to-know-you activity, "I Mustache You A Question..." Each boy had to go and answer a few questions about themselves and then they chose a mustache to wear for the remainder of the night. Ben also received two arrowpoints at this pack meeting.
We're trying to get the dog and cat used to each other so we don't have to keep such a close eye on them. It's really Ally (the cat) that seems freaked out by the dog. Bruno doesn't seem to mind her very much. Sometimes she gets too close and then Bruno gets a little concerned, but mostly he doesn't seem to care too much about her. We've been bringing them in the room together and just watching how they interact. They get a little closer each time they're together.