Thursday, March 27, 2008

And So It Begins

Well, we managed to get ourselves all moved in before the Easter holiday. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Sean's parents and sister and family all came over for the weekend (which we loved). When we heard they were coming, we made it a priority to be moved in by then. There are still a couple of things that we need to do to the house, but it is definitely in a live-able state. Everyone got here sometime on Friday. That morning, would you believe that our plumbing decided to play a mean trick on us - that is, it decided to get clogged up? Both our toilets and one of our showers were all backed up together (and the clog was where they all connected). After all our best efforts to unclog any of the fixtures, we had a plumber come out.He didn't have the "magic tool" and he wouldn't have it until the next morning. All I can say is thank goodness we still had our rental house and that it is only about a mile away. We had to take "bathroom trips" to the other house for the rest of the day and night on Friday. The plumber returned the next morning and cleared us all out. Before we had the plumber come out I called my dad to ask him if he had any advice (he is kind of "the know-it-all of almost anything), and in his return phone message, after informing us about the problem he said laughing, "Welcome to the world of home ownership." And so it begins....

She Must Be A Girl

Our Megan is a busy little toddler, maybe the busiest of the three so far. She gets into things even more than Ben, but she definitely LOVES all girlie things: shoes, phones, purses, dressing up in anything from Mom's bottom drawer, brushing hair, etc.

Talking on the phone and trying on her older boy cousin's shoes (notice the chocolate all over her clothes - she was quite excited about a holiday that brings chocolate in baskets).

Easter Egg Hunting

I know, it's been a while. We moved into our new house last week (well, most of our stuff, anyway), and we don't have internet there yet, so I've been coming back and forth to the rental to use our internet. Anyway, here are some pictures of the Easter Egg Hunting. Our new backyard is perfect for hiding (lots of trees and crevices, and ROOM). We had Sean's sister and family (including her two boys) here for the holiday as well as his parents. It was great to share in all the fun.

He's so pleased with his basket of goodies.

Getting to the real business.....the chocolate!

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Kid-Less Weekend

Sean and I just spent the past 3 days alone, just the two of us. Sean's parents and sister, Lindsay took the kids for the weekend. I met them halfway on Friday at around noon, and I picked them up at the same time today. The primary purpose was so that Sean and I could do LOTS of work on the house on Saturday (last Sat. we attempted to get all sorts of things accomplished, but all the kids had had it after about half a day - and I can't totally blame them). So, they went to play at Grandma and Grandpa Dicks house while we worked. I have to admit, we did get a lot more done. It was so weird to be at church on Sunday with no kids to wrestle with during Sacrament meeting, and I think maybe I forgot how fast you can run errands when you don't have little feet running every which way in the store. We were definitely missing them by the time today came, but MAN, was it a nice break (a little recharging of the battery). They are home safe and sound, and it feels a little more "normal" around here again.

Spring is Coming

Last weekend I went over to our new house to do some work, and I noticed that one of our wintered trees in the front yard had begun to sprout a few little pink flowers. I was ecstatic (I know - that seems a little silly to get so excited about, but frankly I have never had my own tree that could blossom in the Spring). Anyway, by the end of that day, the blossoms had multiplied exponentially, and the same thing happened the next day. I went over today and saw one big pink tree. BEAUTIFUL! Our trees in the backyard are also budding some pretty white flowers. Spring is on it's way. YIPEE!