Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Megan

Yesterday we celebrated Megan's 2nd Birthday. It was a simple little party here at home. We actually went to Pizza Hut for dinner (Caelan got a gift certificate there from school for a personal pan pizza - so we hit two birds with one stone). Then we had cake and ice cream at home right after she opened her presents (Mrs. Potato Head and Potato Buds). Grandpa and Grandma Sorensen left a gift the last time they were here. It was sitting on top of our desk (we have a high top desk), and one day Megan came prancing through the house with a night gown that we had never seen before. Then Caelan and Ben noticed a new book in the living room.... YEP - Megan had somehow climbed onto the desk, pulled down the present and opened it right up. The funny thing is that there was another present right next to it, and yet she never attempted to get at that one. We are so happy to have Meggie in our family.

Some fun facts about Megan:
* She LOVES her binkie and blanket (now that she is 2 we are seriously going to get rid of the binkie - but it's definitely going to be a rough couple of days).
* She communicates extremely well without saying much
* She is the most un-picky eater ever - if someone is eating anything, she will go right up to them and say "ahh" (even is she just finished her own meal).
* In the morning, as soon as I mention the word "breakfast" she throws her binkie on the floor and takes off running down the hall, with her little head bobbing up and down.
* She knows when she wants to go to bed - sometimes we will ask her if she is ready for bed and she will nod her head in agreement and get her blanket and binkie and start walking down the hall (I'm not sure how much longer this will last).
* She can really hold her own with our big-and-growing puppy dog. He thinks its fun to run right at her, but when he does she just braces on to whatever is close by (a wall, the swing, a person). When she is done having him lick her she just confidently pulls his face away.
* She has a personality all her own - and she is FILLED with personality (very strong willed).
* Her eyes are the most expressive eyes - they communicate about as well as anything.
* She thinks it is funny to snatch toys that her brother and sister are playing with, but if they ask her "nicely" to give them back, she is quick to comply.
* She was our easiest child to send to Nursery - we walked her to the door and waved goodbye and she was off. Now she loves to hold hands with Ben or Caelan as they walk to Nursery.
* She loves to pat, hug, rub, kiss and love her baby brother (the other day we let her hold him and walk over to me (with all sorts of surrounding hands for support if needed) - she thought that was the coolest thing ever).

Happy Birthday Little Mega Moo!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nathan's Blessing

Yesterday we blessed little Nathan. We didn't realize it was Stake Conference until some people had already made plans to come this weekend, so we just had a little private blessing at the church right after Conference. It was Sean and both grandpas and the bishopric. It was a very nice blessing...and Nathan has been our only baby to scream through the whole thing. Oh well - I guess it's good then that it was such a small little gathering. HE HE HE.

Happy Halloween

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chop It Off

I have been debating for quite sometime about what to do to change my hair. I have been growing it out for a couple of years now, but during my pregnancy I just kept thinking that I was ready for something new. I decided to wait until after I had the baby to do anything crazy. Well, Sean's parents have been here for a long weekend, and yesterday I figured with them here to help Sean out with the kids I could go and get my hair done. I was pretty adventurous and had my stylist cut off a good 7 inches or more. We put in a little color and added some layers, and here is the new me.

HA. I love it - it feels so bouncy and fun, and the darker colors are a nice change for the Fall and Winter. Fun times.