Monday, March 23, 2009

Camping in Joshua Tree

We had a fun little getaway this weekend. I took the kids and met Sean in Joshua Tree. Grandpa Sorensen and Caleb and Corbin also came along (Brook and Grandma came out in the morning as well as Erin and David). We camped in some BLM land (no potties). We set up a tent which Caelan and Ben and Megan slept in. Sean and Nathan and I slept in the van (right next to the tent with the windows open)...actually Megan joined us late in the night as well). It was cool, but not cold and hardly any wind (perfect for the fire). We ate tinfoil dinners on Friday night and eggs, potatoes and sausage on Sat. morning. Then we spent the day climbing rocks, hiking and riding bikes (it was more like "coasting" downhill for 10 miles - very fun). We had a blast, and have a little sun-kissed skin to show for it. It made us realize that we need to camp much more often - so fun!

No Words


St. Patty's Day

I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's Day until after I sent Caelan off to school (wearing no green, of course) and Ben was dressed, but we remedied the problem later that day. Caelan came home from school and informed me that she had forgotten to wear green, and then she went straight to her room and found green shorts and a green shirt (very festive). We made some sugar cookies and decorated them with green frosting (a bit hit with the kids). Then we had corned beef and potatoes for dinner - a tradition (I always forget about how much I LOVE corned beef which is probably good because there is some serious fat on that stuff...but, oh so delicious!).