Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Birthday Fun

I turned 28 this month. Holy Smokes. Only two more years before I hit the big 3-0! My actual birthday was pretty mellow. I had a delicious Brownie Sundae (which is making my mouth water as I write this post). Then two days later we got two free tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain from my dad, so Sean and I spent a fun day at the amusement park. I used to go there often when I was a teenager, and I would ride the roller coasters over and over again. I went again a couple of years ago (it had probably been 9 years or so since I had last een) and I realized that my stomach isn't quite as strong as it used to be. I got sick three times while I was there. This time was better. I was actually happy to stand in some of the lines - it helped settle my tummy down before getting on the next ride. I made it the whole day feeling great (just one time that I realized it had been too long since I had eaten, so I did and I was fine). Man, those rides have come a long way since I was a teenager - lots of fun. We had a blast, and it was especially nice to have a day together with my husband (just him and me). Thanks Honey for a wonderful birthday date with my favorite person!

Goodbye House on Broudy Dr.

Well we officially said goodbye to our house in Kingman. Sean has been working with my dad since February in CA, and so he was down there a LOT and I was in Kingman with the kids. It was tough to be away so much, so we knew that once Caelan was done with school we would make the move to CA. So we did. We are currently staying with my family in Murrieta until we know for sure what area Sean will be working in and therefore where we want to be for a while. We think it will most likely be here in Murrieta, but we shall see. Anyway, we got everything together to move the week after Caelan finished school. We ended up getting a storage unit in Kingman (MUCH CHEAPER than CA) for all our stuff, and then we drove down to CA. We drove back to Kingman with my dad's huge van and a trailer to get the stuff we were going to take with us(beds and clothes and such). And then we said goodbye to our house. Even though I knew this was a good move for us it still was tough leaving that home behind...especially with all the work we put into it. I really love that house (and I think there is even more of a special feeling about it because it was our very fist home (that was ours)). So we are onto our next adventure. Good times.

Dear 1820 Broudy Drive,
I'm sure going to miss you. I'm going to miss the huge Mulberry trees in the front yard and the view of them from the living room window, and Caelan is going to miss climbing way up into their branches. I'm going to miss the wide open living/family/kitchen area where we did lots of good old "living." I'm going to miss the red master bathroom and the handprint painted border in the kids room. I'm going to miss the huge fireplace and the wood floor in the kitchen (that we laid ourselves). I'm going to miss the ceiling fans in EVERY room. I'm going to miss the workshop in the backyard (and so is Sean) and all the storage in the garage. I am going to miss the circle driveway and the apple tree in the backyard (that the kids would pick tiny apples from in the Fall). I'm going to miss the roses in the front yard and the fence around them (that Ben broke part of when he put the Galaxy in drive one day and rolled down the driveway). I'm going to miss the huge kitchen counter and the little shelf around the kitchen cupboards. You've been a good house for us, and I'm going to miss walking into your doors every day.

PS. We did end up renting that house...only one week after we got all the keys and such to the property management company. YAY!