Friday, June 10, 2011

8 is Great

Caelan turned 8 years old last week. HOLY MOLY - where does the time go? She had a simple birthday here at home with the family (we will have some other festivities next weekend when she gets baptized). Aunt Charity was here visiting, so she made Caelan an awesome sign and came up with the idea for her birthday banner. Caelan chose a Tinker Bell cake (which turned out pretty cute), and lasagna for dinner (delish). She got a fun shirt that changes color in the sun, a baptism dress, a Tinker Bell fairy set, a flower hair band and some art and craft supplies.

Some Fun Things About Caelan:
Favorite color: orange
Favorite food: lasagna and pizza
Favorite school subject: math
Favorite animal: horse
Favorite movie: Tangled, Princess and the Frog, Meet the Robinsons, Chronicles of Narnia 1 & 2 (the 3rd was pretty scary for her)
Favorite TV Show: Psych and Monk
Favorite Singer: Taylor Swift (she loves to belt out her songs)
She will try almost any food, and she is really good about eating vegetables and things she doesn't really like at dinner time. Almost every night while I am making dinner she asks, "Have we had it before and have I liked it?" She has always been a "negotiator" and it continues today. She is a real "explainer" too (why she is doing what she is doing, why she wants something, why we shouldn't do certain things, etc, etc). One of our favorite phrases that she says is, "I was going to ask...." and then she asks the question. HE HE HE. So funny. She is a good helper. She likes to cook and/or make her own food and help me in the kitchen. She loves to swim and asks to go in our jacuzzi almost every day. She is playing baseball and really likes it (and has a really great attitude). She makes friends easily and wants to include everyone. There isn't a "clicky" bone in her body. She has awesome hair and gets comments on it ALL THE TIME. She loves music: singing, dancing, practicing the piano. She loves to be busy and go places and have projects to do. She is a great student and is really responsible about getting her work done on her own. You never have to discipline too much with Caelan - a stern tone can sometimes bring tears (she's tender). Plus she has a great heart and has a real desire to do what is right and make good choices. She is a great oldest child and we are so lucky to have her.

Memorial Day at Duck Creek

*Cabin in the mountains with the whole Dick clan
*Riding quads and the 6-seater along trails, through running streams, down mountains, etc
*Exploring caves
*Seeing deer and deer and more deer
*Barbequing and eating tasty food
*Going to church in Alton
*Family Home Evening about being kind in word and deed
*Family talent show (of sorts) with singing by Caelan and Ben and dancing by Corbin and Bee and Hailey (and really, all of the kids)
*Swinging on swings on the porch
*Taking naps
*Playing on the tree-trunk teeter-totter
*Fishing (even though it didn't last long - it was cold and windy)
*Doing puzzles
*Having lots of FUN!

That was our trip to Duck Creek. We headed over to Cedar City for a day afterwards to visit the Bairds (good friends from college) where we played at a cool park and watched movies and played games. It was fun to catch up. Then we headed home and managed to convince Charity and her two little tots to meet up with us and come home with us for almost a week. Good times. We had a little adventure on the way home where her car overheated and a hose burst. "Super Sean" came to the rescue and fixed it all up right there on the side of the road. The rest of the ride was smooth sailing.

Moving onward and upward

Ben "graduated" from Kindergarten (that always seems like a funny way to put it). His program was actually referred to as "Kindergarten Progression" - which seems more appropriate to me. Anyway, they had a cute little program with lots of songs, and then the teachers gave out the certificates. And we ended the morning with cake and snacks. On to first grade.