Thursday, May 3, 2012

Breaking Up Spring

We headed down to CA for Spring Break. Sean had two days of work meeting in San Diego, so he drove down with us on Saturday and then went to his meetings on Monday and Tuesday and flew home Tuesday evening. We stayed with the Sorensen family. We had a great time:

Sun - Church. Charity and Chad and family got there that evening.

Mon - Took Sean to San Diego. Met Aunt Lindsay and her friend at the Mormon Battalion Museum (which was awesome: videos, panning for gold, dressing up, old fashioned photo, etc), drove by the Flower Fields in Carlsbad and visited Great Grandpa Sorensen, had smoothies at Jamba Juice.

Tues - Went to the beach. We have some serious beach-lovers in this family! Played in the water and sand. Roasted hotdogs and marshmallows (for smores) around the bonfire.

Wed - Took Grandma Sorensen to lunch for her birthday. Hung out with Charity and Chad and kids before they left. Went to Preston's baseball game that night.

Thurs - Met Bonnie (a friend from high school) and her kids at the park. Played for a while. Grandma took the kids to throw pennies in a fountain and then to McDonalds.

Fri - Drove home. Made it in under 12 hours (with just me and the kiddos) - not too shabby.

The Return of the Soccer Mom

Literally, this time. It's Spring again - which means all sorts of busy-ness at the Dick home. We've got the following things going on these days: school, soccer practice, soccer games, dance classes, dance recital coming up, piano lessons, climbing club , school talent show, activity days, preschool, preschool graduation next week, field trips, etc, etc. Good times. Ben is loving soccer. His team is still trying to figure things out, but he has a fun time.

Crazy Hair Day

Here's what we did for Caelan for Crazy Hair Day at school. Ben is very particular about his hair (has been forever). He came home the week before Spirit Week and told me he wanted spikes for Crazy Hair Day. I was pretty excited. He was in real need of a hair cut but I told him I would wait until the next week so we could make some good spikes. The next day he told me he changed his mind and didn't want to do anything crazy for his hair. So, thinking I would change his mind, I said, "then let's give you a hair cut today before church tomorrow." Quick as a wink he responded, "okay" and that was that. Maybe next year. At least he wore a hat.