Saturday, March 1, 2014

Seeing Baby Kaia

The kids had a few days off school and Sean had a couple of days of vacation from last year that he either had to use or lose, so we headed up to Utah to see our new neice/cousin, Baby Kaia. Sean got in some much-needed snow boarding with Chad and Sid (a buddy from BYU) and Chad's brother in law. I got lots of baby time with little Kaia. The kids loved hanging out with cousins as well as second cousins (the Boles' kids that live just around the corner). We spent an afternoon at Gardener Village perusing the little shops, feeding the ducks and picking out candies at the Sweet Shop. We had Sunday dinner with the Boles, Brooks and some of the Armantrouts. Since we traveled there on Valentine's Day, Sean made me a Valentine's treat a couple days later: homemade German Chocolate Cake. Super tasty!! Overall a fun little trip to see family.

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